Reputation of Online Schools vs. Other Colleges

For many years now, the concept of attending school in an actual classroom was the only way to earn a college education. With the advances of modern technology,  online degrees are fast becoming an equal competitor to the traditional college classroom. While many still view the traditional way of learning the only way to really learn, but just how do the two forms of education match up?

Academic Experience: Generally, the quality of both online and on-campus college is fairly equal. Professors who teach online courses are still required to abide by the same standards and have the same experience as their in class counterparts. In fact, many online colleges are accreditted by the same agencies that physical universities are. Additionally, because online universities fall under an amount of government scrutiny, they are even more apt to abide by high educational standards. Students should ensure that they are receiving a quality education regardless of the modaily they choose. To do this, make sure to research the school before enrolling and speak to a college representative. 

Flexibility: Students in traditional, on-campus colleges have fixed class times each week, whereas online students have the flexibility to conduct coursework when it is convenient for them. Online courses are particularily appealing to people who need to work through college or homemakers. As an online college student, this flexibility means that you must have extreme dedication to learning and self-motivation. Though you will get periodic messages from your online instructor, you really have to motivate yourself to complete coursework on time. 

Acceptance: The good news is that within the last few years, acceptance of online learning as being as good as traditional learning is on the rise. Another plus side to online degrees is that employers see these students as hard working, independent individuals with good self-discipline. Sometimes it's even harder to learn online than in a classroom. You can not raise your hand in the middle of a lecture, there are no fellow students with which to discuss the curriculum, and you're left to your own devices to answer your own questions. While many still prefer the traditional way to get a college degree, others still have opted for an online degree, and modern times are proving that this method is working just fine.

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