10 Reasons a Harvard MBA is Over Rated

You all know going to college is a ploy to get to do what you want on someone else's dime, and it's all in the name of making more dough at the end of the day. So in reality, getting your MBA is just another notch in the belt towards making a kick-ass living. So what difference does it make getting a degree online or from Harvard? While there are inherent benefits to obtaining your MBA from Harvard, there are also clear reasons why an online degree may be your best option. Check them out here:

1. Price: Have you SEEN the cost of attending Harvard's MBA program lately? By the time you graduate, you'll need that MBA to pay off all the debt you owe at the end of the line. Instead, reasonable ways to finance your education.

2. Prerequisites: Not only does it seem as if Harvard's MBA program requires you to run your own chicken farm successfully along with the ability to oversee 3,000 Chinese workers, they also think you should have high GMAT scores and a crapload of work experience, all before you can even apply there.

3. Application Process: The application process is costly, lengthy, and just plain ridiculous. The school wants at least three references on top of an essay, evaluation interview, and test scores. By the time you're done applying, you've already wasted four valuable years you could've spent in school!

4. Dictator Mentality: The Harvard MBA program pretty much TELLS their students what they need to take and in what order. Doing it online lets you pick and choose your classes, and at your own pace. Who wants to learn in the middle of a dictatorship?

5. No Flexibility: Unlike online college, students at Harvard must attend classes on a pre-determined schedule each day/week.

6. Rifling Through Books: Harvard Business School has the largest private library in the world. While that's pretty darn impressive, who the heck wants to crawl around through half a million books when you can get what you need online while drinking a beer sitting in your La-z-boy?

7. Overdosing: Sure, you need to know a lot of information when you're going for your MBA. But the Harvard MBA program is so intensive, you could very easily get lost in all of the mumbo jumbo they require you to learn and lose focus on what really matters: getting your degree so you make more loot!

8. Partners Club: Harvard Business School has a cute little cult called the Partner's Club. It gets girlfriends, wives, and family involved in your school life. I don't know about you, but what I do on my own time should stay my own business!

9. Holding you up to Their Standards: In order to get your Harvard MBA, the school expects you to maintain certain "standards" that they've set, including respect and accountability. While those are both great qualities to have, sometimes you just don't feel like having to live up to someone else's expectations, which is why getting your MBA online gives you a hell of a lot more personal freedom.

10. It's all about Profit: Harvard boasts that over half of their graduates end up working for non-profit organizations. Isn't the whole point of getting your MBA being able to make lots of money that goes into your wallet and so you can get more promotions? I thought so.

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