Top 10 Reasons to Transfer to an Online College

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider attending or transfering to an online college:

1. It's flexible: Most individuals today are pulled in many directions - from work to family life. If you want to advance your earning potential and obtain a secure career path on your schedule, an online college degree may be the perfect fit for you. Though the time commitment may not be any less than a traditional college program, you have the ability to complete your coursework at any time of the day.

2. You can save time: Attending online college allows you to cut out any time you would take to commute to a college campus. The timeyou would take to drive to campus can now be spent doing homework assignments or required readings, which will give you more time for your personal life.

3. You can save money on travel: Not only can you save time on commuting, but you can also save money. As gas prices creep up to nearly $4 a gallon, college commuters could spend up to $100 per week on car fuel. This can add up to the thousands of dollars at year-end - and the money that you save by taking online classes can go towards college tuition.

4. Work from the convenience of your own home: Online college is very convenient. Wherever you have a strong Internet connection, you are able to complete coursework. Whether you are at home in your robe, or working on your coursework over your lunchbreak at work, online college allows you to work at your own pace and schedule.

5. Learn from industry-leading instructors: Many online colleges have adjunct professors who work within their respective fields that offer practical knowledge and career advice to their students.

6. Learn self-motivation: Through online college, you are responsible for completing your coursework on your own time. Besides the periodic reminders, you really do not get that much hand-holding from professors. Online college can teach you incredible self discipline - which is a huge asset in any employer's mind.

7. Brush up on your computer skills and become marketable in the job world: As an online student, you will learn simple tasks like attaching a Word document and learning how to use various tools on your online course portal.

8. Choose from diverse degree options: Online college offers a wide-variety of degree offerings that can prepare you for a successful career. Whether you want to pursue an education degree, justice degree, or healthcare degree -- it is likely that the college of your choice will offer a variety of programs.

9. Boost your career options: With a degree in hand, your opportunity for career advancement and salary potential is way better than those who do not have a college degree.

10. Employers view online degrees on the same level as traditional degrees: As online college becomes more prevalent, employer's acceptance views on online education have improved. Most online colleges are accreditted by higher learning institutions, which means that they are held to equal educational standards as traditional universities - so it is clear to employers that this mode of education is credible.

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