Screen Reader Compatible Online Colleges

Many students find the new world of online leaning extremely exciting. You can complete coursework on our own schedule, you can avoid headaches like parking and commuting, and learn at a pace that you are comfortable with. But what about those who have a difficult time seeing or hearing? For sensory impaired people, learning online has its inherent challenges.

Not every school is able to provide the extra tools for vision impaired people. However, there are multiple schools that are friendly to this population, and cater programs to make disabled persons the ability to thrive in an online college setting.

Online Colleges with Screen Readers

For those who are vision impaired, screen readers are available to read the text in your online coursework. A screen reader is a device that connects to a computer that "reads" everything it sees aloud on the screen, so the student can hear what is typed. eCollege is a prime example of a company that offers screen readers for online colleges. Mozilla Firefox offers multiple screen reader plugins as well.

Thanks to the help of many advocates who have spoken up to postsecondary institutions and the federal governement, the Federal Disabilities Act requires all institutions of learning to provide the necessary means to assist students with disabilities so that they can learn effectively.

Schools are making sure they offer the software needed to accommodate those with disabilities. For example, Western University has an entire site dedicated to those with vision problems and is screen-reader friendly. If you or someone you know is disabled, be sure to do your research and find the online schools that are willing and able to meet your needs so that you can obtain your college diploma. With modern technological advances, even with a disability, attending a college is possible!

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