Top 10 Computer Program Majors

The world of computers is always changing, and the demand for skilled and educated professionals is in demand. The choice to pursue a technology-related degree college program is a very popular one because of the extensive career opportunities. But just majoring in "computers" is not enough. There are many pinpointed majors within the field of computers to choose from. 

Here are the ten popular choices:

  1. Information Systems: This is a specialized major that focuses on maintaining databases and keeping up with the constant flow of information that runs between servers and other computers.
  2. Computer Science: This is perhaps the most well-known major within the computer field. Computer science is the study of relationships in programming, and these professionals seek to answer the "how" and "why" of what makes computers work. Many computer programmers obtain a degree in computer science, while others obtain a degree in computer programming.
  3. E-commerce: E-commerce is constantly growing, pushing businesses in traditional stores by the wayside more and more each year. The study of e-commerce allows you to understand how the Internet can attract consumers. It also explains shopping cart and security software. 
  4. Computer Security: Every day more and more people are able to develop dangerous viruses that can destroy a computer's system. The study of computer security not only teaches how to prevent these viruses, but also explains how to develop new software that can find and eliminate them.
  5. Computer Network Management: Most larger companies are run on networks. In most cases, the bigger the company, the more complex the network. The study of computer network management teaches how to track, repair, and develop more efficient networks for a smooth running system.
  6. Computer Repair: Things break and computers are not immune. Although the price of most computers has decreased over the last decade or so, the need for computer repair technicians is still strong. This major teaches how to physically fix a computer, and how to repair it technically as well.
  7. Computer Programming: Programmers are the backbone of the computer world. They create, write, develop, and change the programs we use from our every day lives to more complex programs used for the healthcare or even the armed forces.
  8. Web Development: The World Wide Web is a plethora of information, sights, and sounds. A major in web development can give you the edge when it comes to creating and maintaining different organizations' websites.
  9. Computer Graphics: The need for graphics from logos to movies is always in demand. Computer graphics degrees will show you how to create various works of art for use in everything from advertising to packaging.
  10. Software Engineering: This degree is closely related to computer programming, but the software engineer is responsible for writing large software systems, as well as working out any bugs. This major requires a good, solid knowledge of how computer programs work.

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