Top Business Majors

The world of business is always in demand for educated and skilled people. That's why the Princeton Review reports that a Business degree is the most popular college major. Degree specializations in business school are wide-ranging. While the term "business" sounds very broad, there are many specific majors one can choose to study while in college in relation to the world of business. Here are some of the most popular choices:

1. Accounting degreeThis major requires a strong working knowledge of math, strategic thinking, and Excel skills. Accountants, especially certified accountants, have a high earning potential. Accounants are one of the most essential functions in a business, as they ensure organizations stay profitable.

2. Business Administration degreeThis is perhaps the most commonly chosen business major. Its core principles focus on managing not only a business, but people as well. Leadership skills are also highly emphasized in any work environment, so a business management major is highly desired by many employers.

3. E-Commerce degree: Many internet businesses are growing at a fast rate. There is much to be learned about the ins and outs of e-commerce. Thus, it is important that there are skilled business professionals who are trained to manage online businesses or online marketing strategies.

4. Retail Management degree: Every individual needs goods and services, thus the need for skilled retail management and merchandising professionals will never go away. The major for merchandising and retail focuses on advertising strategies and how to stay ahead in the competitive marketplace of the retail industry.

5. Public Relations degree: The key to a profitable business hinges on a company's relationship with their consumers. A public relations degree helps you to hone in on how the public relates to business through the media, and what you can do to improve and strengthen that relationship.

6. Economics degree: Business and economics go hand in hand - as the definintion of economics is the study of how goods and services are used by the public. The study of economic trends and checks and balances is extremely important, particularly to businesses, thus this degree is a very popular track for college students.

7. Taxation degreeTaxes in relation to business is very important. One must know all of the ever-changing tax laws in order to be sure their business is operating legally. Studies in taxation can lead to important fields such as working for the IRS or in accounting.

8. Advertising degreeAdvertising is what brings people to the business. A major in advertising is an exciting field of study that also includes human behavior and trends.

9. Entreprenship degree One of the amazing things about America is that anyone can start and run their own business. A major in entrepreneurial studies is an excellent asset for those looking to start up a business or help others who run small companies.

10. Hospitality Management degree: Obtaining a degree in hospitality management can assist you in the fields of hotel management, restaurant, casino, resort, and other exciting management fields.

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