Getting An Education That You'll Actually Enjoy Learning About

There is a ruthless epidemic sweeping the nation. College-aged people from across the country find themselves waking in cold sweats in the middle of the night afflicted with Degree Attention Deficit Disorder (DADD).

DADD is commonly contracted as people enter a degree granting institution with the best of intentions and when they least expect it. DADD can afflict even the most studious of individuals. DADD symptoms include an overall, wishy-washy attitude towards their current degree program, apathy, malaise, heavy drinking. Many people with DADD find that they lose interest in attending class and choose to stay in bed, sleeping well into the afternoon.

While there is no cure for DADD, a person can decrease their chances of contracting the disease by choosing a degree program that is both interesting and fun. Many people find that by choosing a genuinely interesting program that leads to a good paying job protects them from DADD.

Students are most at risk for DADD during different stages of their academic career. Check out some popular programs here:

Certificate Programs

1. Web Development - A person who is interested in learning more about web site development would enjoy this degree. Web development is a major component of commerce and business, and this certificate prepares students to enter into the job force with advanced knowledge of web site programming, development, and maintenance.

2. Systems Engineer (Master's level) - This program is great for a student who wishes to learn to analyze business and to design and implement network infrastructure for business solutions. A graduate of this program can work as a systems engineer, technical support engineer, systems analyst, network analyst, or technical consultant.

3. Project Management - The project management certificate prepares students to be successful in project management positions.

4. Web Design Certificate - This certification program teaches you how to design and implement websites for public and private organizations. In this Certificate program, you'll likely learn HTML, scripting, e-commerce, and web design.

5. Food and Nutrition Science Certificate - This health sciences-based program will teach you basic biology principals, while adapting them to the real world.

Associate's Degrees

6. Graphic Design and Animation - Not only is this a degree that requires a bit of imagination and artistic drive. These days, it is easier than ever before to specialize in an artistic or graphic field as the number of jobs for these careers is growing in number. And best of all, of course, it's fun and you're most likely to stick with it in the long run. Students of this program learn both digital and print design. They learn to draw and create images, graphics, sound, websites, and 3D images. 

7. Computer Information Systems - Networking is a hot ticket career for companies in this digital world. An Associate's Computer Information Systems will prepare you for jobs in the information systems field. You are prepared to hold a variety of entry-level positions and are taught how to install and maintain wireless networks, hardware and software, create Java applications, develop web pages, and manage databases. Best of all, you get intensive instruction in only two years.

8. General Studies - Many two-year college students opt to earn a general Associate's of the Arts (AA) because of the variety of fields they are prepared to enter once they graduate. An AA provides a solid base in the academic fields based on communication arts, math, social sciences, and the humanities.

9. Interdisciplinary Studies - Much like an AA, this program is designed to advance your practice in a variety of scientific fields. In this track, you will develop communication skills, critical thinking skills, and technical competencies that are needed to be successful in any field.

10. Criminal Investigations - Thanks to shows like CSI, there is a new breed of folks seeking to become crime scene investigators. This degree program helps you to develop analytical skills, deductive reasoning, and problem solving in order to be a successful criminal investigator. After completing this degree, you can enter into the criminal justice field as a finger print technician, an evidence technician, print examiner, and even advance to become a private investigator.

11. Business Administration with Visual Communication - This degree specialization teaches how to operate a business in the graphic field. This degree will also prepare you to transition to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or a general business degree. This degree prepares you to find a job as a graphic designer assistant, ad specialist, and much more.

12. The Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems - This degree program is designed to prepare you for jobs in the computer information systems field through the enhancement of computer skills and knowledge. You learn how to install as well as maintain computer and wireless networks, troubleshoot hardware and software issues, create Java applications, manage databases, and develop Web pages.

13. IT/Networking and Security Management - This program is designed to teach you to help businesses keep their networks secure. You protect business from hackers, viruses, and spy ware while administering and managing networks.

14. Software Engineering - Software Engineering degree program gives you the training necessary to develop, design, and implement computer software.

Bachelor's Degrees

15. Animation - A Bachelor's level Animation program will give you the skills you need to become a pro-animator with advanced knowledge. There's a high-demand for well-educated animators these days, especially individuals who are well-acquainted with computers.

Programs such as this one will cover important topics such as the laws of motion, physics, and psychology as applied to 2D or 3D characters, life drawing and rendering techniques, and how to use audio and video in an animation project. You may also be required to take management and general education courses to teach to you to apply skills in general management, critical thinking, logic, communication, and advanced problems solving to challenges in the workplace.

Graduates of this degree often move onward to positions that specializes in graphic design, multimedia design, web-based design, or any other graphic-intensive position.

16. Game and Simulation Programming - According to the Entertainment Software Association, entertainment software sales reached $7 billion in 2003 in America alone. You can become a part of a creative force of folks that design such games. This program will strengthen your basic art and design skills through courses such as drawing, perspective, set design, character development, storytelling, and game design strategies.

17. Communication Management - Graduates of this program have developed both the skills and knowledge to hold a successful career in business and communication specialists. After earning this degree, you can work in public relations, media and advertising, computers and information processing, and marketing.

18. Visual Communications - Imaginative, artistic, and creative individuals will find this program to be rewarding and interesting. This program combines technical courses and general education courses to help you develop the necessary skills to function successfully in the technology side of business.

19.  E-business - E-business is the premier way to make money these days, and by completing the Bachelor of Science in e-business program, you will be prepared to have a successful career in information technology and e-commerce. Plus, with what you learn, you could implement your own e-business strategy and go into business for yourself. It's a win-win situation.

20. The E-Business Management - This program prepares you to manage and maintain a web-based business.

21. The Technical Management - The technical management program offers you an opportunity to learn tools to work for businesses that require an individual with advanced knowledge of a variety of relevant technologies.

22. Web Development - The Bachelor of Web Development Degree program intensifies your skills in the areas of Visual BASIC, system modeling and design, database administration, Java programming, e-commerce, and a lot more.

Master's Degrees

This is a red flag-warning for all students completing a Master's degree. Many educational and medical professionals consider master's degree programs to be very dangerous to contracting a grave case of DADD.

23. The Masters of Information Systems/Management - This program provides current theory and knowledge applicable to a variety of business management models. This program focuses on the management of information technology and teaches students to help companies reach their goals. Six main components of the program are Business Management, Business Systems Analysis and Design, Programming Management, Databases, Network and Telecommunications, and The Web.

24. The Master of Science in Information Technology with a specialization in Network Architecture and Design - IT professionals who wish to increase their knowledge and technical skills benefit greatly from this program. Students learn how to design and maintain Internet, Intranet, and Extranet connections as well as local and wide area networks. Graduates of this program can find employment in senior-level positions in organizations as team or management leaders.

25. The Master of Science in Education with a specialization in Instructional Design for Online Learning - Professional educators learn to manage instructional difficulties associated with online learning. The program teaches how to plan, organize, teach, and evaluate course work completed online.

Remember, prevention is the best medicine. DADD can strike when you least expect it, but being better prepared by choosing an interesting and useful degree program can protect your mental-health from this often debilitating condition.

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