What is a Bachelor's Degree?

A bachelor's degree is the most common of all college degrees. It is usually obtained within a four-year period, and can usually be completed with 120 or more credit hours. In order for students to move to pursue a master's degree, they must have a bachelor's degree first. There are two basic categories of bachelor's degrees: the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science. The bachelor's degree programs can vary greatly, from education, journalism, and arts, to political science, criminal justice, and engineering. Additionally, a bachelor's degree has more course requirements than an associate's degree. Some schools require bachelor's degree-seeking students to maintain a GPA of at least a 2.0 throughout the entire school career.

How Do Employers View Bachelor's Degrees?

Many employers look for candidates who have received their bachelor's degree. Certain fields require this as minimum criteria just to apply for a certain position. Other careers such as doctors and lawyers require candidates to go on and receive their master's degree and/or doctorate in addition to a bachelor's degree. Statistically, people who have earned their bachelor's degree earn thousands of dollars more over the length of their careers than those who have not.

Time to Complete a Bachelor's Degree Program

While the standard length of time it takes to get the degree is about four years, it may take longer for some. Some people can be in school as long as six to seven years, depending on their personal circumstances, like working full-time or attending to family members. Ideally, four years is the standard length of time it takes to achieve this goal. Today's colleges offer up hundreds of different degree paths for bachelor's level students. Check into these and find out if your choice of degree is listed. This will also depend on the college or university that you choose as well. A bachelor's degree can open the door up to a fulfilling career.

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