Telling Your Potential Employer About Your Online Degree

Today's competitive marketplace requires people with experience and skill. A college education is a terrific asset to one's resume, and a definite avenue towards gainful employment. For some, going to a traditional college is simply not a possibility. For others, attending an online university is their desire. No matter how you look at it, even though the quality of education received may be the same, society sometimes views distance learning as sub par. When it comes to the workforce, you may find a lot of competition among those holding a degree from a traditional college and those earning one solely online.

So what is in your corner when asked by a potential employer how effective earning your degree online has been? There are several, "selling points" to learning college level courses by yourself on a computer.

  • The first thing you should point out to the employer is that you have solid, self discipline. You don't need a professor looking over your shoulder, or fellow classmates to borrow notes from. You learn everything alone, on your own busy schedule, and have the sole responsibility of taking and passing tests with little to no assistance. Many employers are looking for people who can work independently, and an online degree is a perfect example of just that.
  • Another aspect of the advantages of distance learning is that the student must be able to manage their time wisely. With a set schedule on campus, students know exactly when and where they need to be every week. Since most online degrees allow total schedule flexibility, you must learn to manage your time more effectively. If you fail to complete a class, you'll miss out on that week's assignment and could very easily fall behind. With good time management, you should be able to finish your classes in a timely manner, all while juggling every day activities. 

Before you head out to that big interview, think about the many positive aspects of completing an online degree, and bring those to the table. Be prepared to show your prospective employer you're capable of learning efficiently and quickly, and that you have achieved just as much as your traditional counterparts.

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