Tartan Clans Historical Significance in Scotland

Scotland's history can be characterised as fierce, beautiful, and tragic. This gorgeous country has inspired an intellectual movement, influenced culture worldwide, and undertaken a plight of preservation and purity.

The Tartan Clans are a notable hallmark of Scotland. Tartan Clans, named because of their patterned garb, were Scottish soldiers who fought in the 19th Century. The Scottish Tartan Clans have endured for centuries and continue to flourish today.

Scottish History


  • Clan Ancestry: A good understanding of the why and how of a Scottish clan--provides links to surname information, tartans, and ancestral clan research
  • Finding a Clan by Surname: Search or browse a clan by surname or tartan
  • Clan Chiefs: Information on how to go about appointing a clan chief, includes a link to a searchable database and facts about the Court of Lord Lyon, the authority of heraldry for Scotland
  • The Crests of Scottish Clans: Numerous links to the crests, or badges, listed by clan surname
  • Gathering of the Clans: A modern day, yet traditional style, gathering of clans to promote and celebrate culture—features links to upcoming events and past event photos
  • Scottish Council of Chiefs: Featuring a searchable database, links on the constitution of clan chiefs, heraldry, and the full list of the Standing Council
  • Feuding Clans: A resource that explain the battles between the clans and why they occurred


  • Tartan Day: A discussion of National Tartan day in America-- why does it exist? Who initiated the idea? When did it go into effect? What, if any, impact has this made on the Scottish-American community?
  • Highland Dress and the Tartan: The history, meaning, and progression of the tartan. Includes links for designing, weaving, and wearing

Scottish Terminology

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