Tangram Activities

Tangram activities are fun for people who enjoy a creative challenge. A tangram is a centuries-old, Chinese puzzle that consists of seven pieces: five triangles, a rhomboid, and a square. This simple series of shapes can be used to make a variety of interesting shapes. For instance, by rotating the pieces and placing them together, a person can create a number of shapes from the animal kingdom. Tangram pieces can also be used to form the shapes of people and objects such as houses or boats. In other words, the seven pieces of a tangram can be arranged into many shapes and designs with the help of a patient and imaginative puzzle player. Furthermore, one of the exciting challenges for a player when it comes to tangram puzzles is to come up with a unique design.

  • A Tangram Puzzle: A tangram activity with straightforward instructions that uses pieces to form a variety of shapes including a cat and a yacht. Also includes a list of books for those in search of additional information on tangrams
  • A Tangram Game: Features a tangram activity that involves the movement of shapes
  • Manipulate the Tangram Pieces: A game involving a cutout of a tangram that requires an individual to use its pieces to create several shapes
  • Create a Tangram: Offers detailed instructions on how students can create all seven pieces of the tangram
  • Tangram Challenge: Find tangram challenges and interesting history behind the ancient puzzle
  • Tangram Puzzles and More: Discover information on tangrams along with some fun puzzles
  • Interactive Tangram Game: A colorful tangram game with challenges for its players that includes suggestions on what to create with the movable pieces
  • Craft Activity with Tangrams: Features an easy tangram craft for students that requires just a few supplies found around the house. Also, learn how to make shapes out of the tangram pieces
  • Tangram Race: A tangram game that involves several players and a race to the finish
  • Pieces in a Tangram Puzzle: Find a printable tangram puzzle with pieces that a person can color and then manipulate into various shapes
  • Dozens of Tangram Puzzles to Solve: Select from an abundant list of shapes to create out of tangram pieces
  • A Lesson Plan with a Focus on Tangram Activities: Find a lesson plan that allows students to work with tangrams in order to understand them
  • A Tangram Activity with a Geometry Lesson: Discover a lesson plan with a hands-on tangram activity designed to help students learn about the Pythagorean Theorem

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