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Understanding the Internet is an essential part of being a successful online student. Learn the fundamentals of using the Internet through these resources:

Collections of Internet Guides, Online Courses, and Tutorials

  • Your Basic Guide to the Internet: This site provides an overview of the web, search tools, search techniques, and content research
  • The Internet Owner’s Manual: Provides all the tools to master the Internet from surfing the web to protecting yourself
  • Computer/Internet Tutorials: Find links to outside sites that offer computer basics, computer programs and Internet tutorials
  • Internet Web Text: Collection of links to Internet tutorials including Internet orientation, keyword searching, and connecting with people via the Internet
  • How the Web Works: Multiple tutorials on introduction to the Web, HTML, XHTML, using style sheets, and basic web imaging
  • Internet Detective: What you need to know to discern between good and bad sites for your online research
  • Learn the Net Tutorials: A collection of links to tutorials and guides for using the Internet
  • Making the Net Easier: Articles and tutorials covered on this site from Internet search, search engines, search techniques, and Web 2.0
  • User’s Guide to the Internet: Collection of many tutorials all about using the Internet effectively
  • Internet 101: Discover how the Internet works and how to use it with multiple tutorials
  • Navigating Internet Explorer: Understanding and using URLs, navigating with IE buttons, using IE menus and using favorites
  • Bare Bones 101: A basic tutorial on using search on the Web

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