A Complete Listing of Math Reference Tables

Even Einstein couldn't remember all the math tables in his head. That's what reference books and online reference tables are for. Some formulas and fuctions in mathematics are too complex to be able to simply solve without help. From basic math to algebra, to geometry and algorithms, below you will find resources to help guide you through any type of math calculation you may need.

General Tables/Charts

  • Number Notation: Hierarchy of numbers, SI prefixes, roman numerals, the number base system, and a javascript base conversion calculator


  • Algebraic Identities: This resources shows squares, quadratics, polynomials through the 11th power
  • Conic Sections: Here you'll find history, descriptions, formulas, properties, and charts of conic selections with eccentricities
  • Finite Difference: Shortcut to find out which function fits the values in a polynomial
  • Polynomials: Identification between types of polynomials, degrees, like terms, multiplication, FOIL method, and squares


  • Writing Geometry Proofs: The intellectual game approach includes 36 humorous methods of proofs when you need a chuckle break


  • Trig Identity Summary: Defining the trig identity relationships. Includes the less important identities
  • Exact Trig Tables: Some with online interactive calculators. Trig function converters, radians, degrees, proofs, formulas, diagrams of angles and squares
  • Hyperbolic Functions: Plots and inverses as well as for half, double and multiple angles, and basic relationships
  • Conic Occurrence: How to visualize and apply to real life: circle, ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola

Discrete/Linear Algebra

  • Discrete Math Lectures: In Microsoft PowerPoint, this site features sets, functions, algorithms, proof techniques, recursion, permutations, graph theory and relationship presentations


  • Animated Math: Uses QuickTime video to visually teach proofs, formulas, graphing, and functions


  • Distribution Tables: An excellent, complete resource for all your statistical tables, formulas, and definitions


  • Integral Tables: This website shows basic integrals, integrals with roots, logarithms, and exponentials, products of trigonometric functions, and exponentials and hyperbolic functions

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