How to Keep Your Study Space Organized and Optimized

Surrounding yourself with a study space that is organized and optimized is important as an online college student. So what can you do to turn your dump into a palace? Grab a seat and take some notes as we look over some ways to keep your study space organized.

Handy drawers. There are many ways to maximize your study space, and that includes having something to put all your personal belongings in. However, storage isn't the only problem you have to worry about. Organization in your room is key, especially living with other people (other than your parents or siblings) for the first time of your life. Pick up some inexpensive plastic drawers to put all your little trinkets in; make sure to label or designate a drawer for each roommate so everyone knows where their valuables are being kept.

Bookshelves. Think you're not going to need a bookshelf in your study space? Since you are going to college, you're going to have a ton of books for a variety of classes. Why keep them all scattered across the floor when  you can have room on a bookshelf?

File Cabinet. Sounds a little bit much for a college study space, doesn't it? Were not talking about a huge legal office cabinet here. Depending on the size and number of roommates you'll be having, it wouldn't be a bad idea to pitch in on a small file cabinet. This way each roommate gets a drawer to store all their important college and legal documents inside. By legal documents we mean all those "walking with an open container" and "noise violation" tickets you're bound to get your freshman year. Plus, the cabinet can double as a safe.

Folders. Now that you got the file cabinet, it's time to grab some folders, you know, the kind to hang in there! Seriously, you could just chuck every bill or important papers you have in the drawer. When it comes to find that specific document later on, you'll be smashing your head against the wall! Pick up some hanging folders and make sure to label each according to the different kinds of documents you have. A good way to keep track of all your legal, college, and financial papers and a great place to keep comic books and other periodicals.

Cork board. Let's face it - as an online student, you will probably be juggling a lot of different courses, plus the other strains of life. Grab a memo or cork board and start posting important notes, documents, and memos so that they are in your line of vision at all times!

Label everything. When living with other people who may be similar to you, there's bound to be problems when it comes to sharing belongings. It's nothing weird to run into a situation where two people have the same thing, or share the same interest in things that confusion of ownership arrives. This is especially true with your college books, because you're probably going to be taking similar classes as a freshman. Do yourself a favor and try to label things as much as possible, even if that means buying a label gun.

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