Software and Technology for an Online College

The idea of online courses have been in use for quite some time, but the concept is still baffling to many people. Other than the obvious fact that a computer is used, many people that have never been exposed to online colleges before may have some questions about what will be implemented in your online learning journey? The answer is mixed, since different schools and different professors opt for different teaching and learning methods. 

Suprisingly, your online college experience draws many similarities to a traditional college. As an online student, you will have required readings, quizzes, tests, and even writing assignments. Instead of communicating through a classroom discussion, you can converse with your online instructor and teachers through online instant messaging and discussion boards. Though you may lack that physical interaction you would find in a brick-and-mortar classroom, various technologies are in place to create an interactive learning environment. 

Virtual Classrooman Technologies

There are various technologies that have made communication within an online classroom interactive and powerful. 

  • Webcams: With the help of webcams, students can have an almost "lifelike" experience in the virtual classroom. Many classes are taught as normal, and a webcam for live lessons, just like students who are physically in the classroom experience. In some cases, a webcam may be used by the student as well, so the professor can see them.
  • Audio Devices: Two-way audio devices can be implemented as well, so that there is some back and forth discussion going on in addition to the video. This new method is fast becoming the classroom of the future. Over the last few years, the CD-ROM technology use has steadily decreased, with a lot less distances learning schools still using it as a method for teaching.
  • Satellite Broadcasts: Thanks to new high-tech devices, online students can now have a true virtual experience in their own homes. These new methods of teaching with satellite broadcasts, lessons via webcam, and other new ways of transmitting communications from teachers to students is a revolutionary new learning style. Some schools will provide the necessary equipment and software, so check with your online university and see just what kind of technologies in learning they offer.

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