How To Stay Organized in College

Between classes, work, and maintaining a personal life, it may be tough for college students to stay organized. However; organization is one of the best tools succeed in college. Staying organized takes a commitment, but once it becomes your routine, it will make your college studies easier and more efficient.

Invest in a planner. While you can purchase a notebook planner wherever you find school supplies there are also electronic organization applications for many smartphones and tablets. Use your personal organizer to keep track of your class schedule, tests, and when large assignments are due. Professors hand out a syllabus (document outlining the entire course) for your benefit, so when you receive your syllabus, go over it and note important assignments and exams in your personal planner.

Don't underestimate the power of a folder. For each course, choose a different color, and make sure every hand out or assignment given by your instructor is organized within the folder.

Have a designated study space for undisrupted work time. Keep your desk uncluttered, well-lit, and stocked with the essentials. If you don’t have enough room in your living space for a desk, make use of your campus library to get schoolwork done.

Staying organized may seem dated, but these tried and true tips for staying organized while in college will help you succeed in your classes, graduate on time, and feel confident in your abilities.

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