How to Choose a Job After Graduation

As college students, we tend to be nearsighted and hardly think of where our careers will head five or ten years down the road. The rare few have had their entire college and post-college careers mapped out since high school, but most students live on a week to week basis, having a vague idea of where they’d like to end up after college but rarely having a clear picture. Asking yourself a few important questions, while being realistic about key life goals can help hone in on the picture of your post-college life.

Consider Your Passion

First consider what you’re passionate about, and what subjects you excel in. If you have any interest that require specific skills, this can also lead to a career path. For example, if you love team sports you may do well working with an organization where tasks are part of a team effort. If you’ve always excelled at math and science courses, then a career path along these lines may prove successful for you. Find a balance between what you are good at, and what you enjoy to find the best possible career path for you.

What's Available?

Once you have evaluated the degree subjects that you excel in, conduct some research to determine what careers are available within those subjects. After narrowing your list down to a few occupations, research the educational requirements of each job, as well as the earning potential on sites like the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Compare these notes with your lifestyle goals (income, location, etc.) and find the best career path that combines your skills as well as your goals. You can even take your research a step further by speaking with professionals holding a career in the field you’re interested in to learn as much as possible about that career.

Keep in mind that college career counselors are available on-call at most schools nationwide to assist you with career placement. This includes refining your resume, preparing you for an interview, and helping you define possible job prospects. If you are a prospective or current college student, know that you will always have a resource to get on the right career track. 

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