Benefits of Study Groups

Studying in groups has many benefits as a college student, like improved test scores and sharning ideas. While studying alone has its benefits, group study time provides a unique set of benefits. 

Benefits of Study Groups

1. Study groups allow classmates to share ideas and thoughts, and this open dialogue can lead to an increased understanding of the course material. When you learn something from a different point of view, the information you retain is typically retained better.

2. Similarly, discussing course material in a study group can reinforce the material, much like taking notes does. This can help a student memorize the information more efficiently, which results in better test scores. If a student does not understand part of the course material, a study group provides a helpful opportunity to go over the material at length.

3. notes that one or more group members are likely to understand something you do not. They may bring up ideas you never considered.

4. Studying can sometimes be more fun with others. Change the pace of your normal study session and engage in a group study session at least once a month.

Challenges of Study Groups

While there are benefits to study groups, there are also challenges.

1. Relying on several people to meet at an appointed time can be difficult. Because of this, it is important to find a group of students that are reliable.

2. Studying in groups can also make it tempting to socialize. Resist the urge to over-socialize and be sure you make time to go over the actual course material. If it helps, don’t form study groups with students you are already friends with to lessen the urge to socialize instead of studying.

Other Tips

If you’re planning on meeting with a study group, show up prepared. Study groups are not an excuse for you to miss class and skip your assignments. Study groups work best when each member is prepared and brings something to the table. Ask questions, and don’t be afraid to speak up if you don’t understand something or have a contrarian thought. You’ll get out of the group what you put in, so make it worth your while.

As an online degree student, your college will likely be able to give you a list of college classmates that live in your area. Use this list to connect with fellow students and set up reoccuring study dates.

Take advantage of the benefits of a study group, and be sure you’re pulling your weight. With the right mix of students, a study group can be a great tool for success in online college.

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