25 Reasons to Go To College

A college education provides many benefits, but may people are discouraged because of its financial burden. Is a college education right for you? Whether you are seeking an IT degree or an Education specialization, here are 25 reasons to go to college:

  1. College students have higher earning potential than those not college educated.
  2. College graduates are better positioned for employment opportunities and are considered more for managerial roles.
  3. College gives you a greater knowledge base.
  4. Putting a college degree on your resume will likely impresses future employers.
  5. College-level courses increase your critical thinking skills.
  6. A college-educated student will have a broadened world view and perspective on life.
  7. Doing well in college requires a greater sense of discipline, which can benefit a graduate in the workforce.
  8. Balancing college courses, work, and extra curricular activities can improve time management skills.
  9. A specialized college degree will give you a new, marketable skill set.
  10. College grants students independence before setting out in the real world.
  11. College is an investment no one can take away from you.
  12. Earning a college degree is personally fulfilling and can give you a sense of confidence as you enter the job market.
  13. The job and housing markets are unpredictable, but having a college degree is something that can position you for resilience during a recession.
  14. College life provides new opportunities to meet people and make new friends.
  15. International studies programs give students the opportunity to travel all over the world while working towards their degrees.
  16. Financial aid is available for most students and can help make college more affordable.
  17. You choose your major. You choose your courses. You are in control of your own education!
  18. Go to college across the country to earn your degree and explore a new location, or enjoy obtaining an online degree from the comfort of your own home.
  19. The relationships you create in college will likely be long lasting and memorable.
  20. Where else could you take a class in yoga or ballroom dancing and get credit for it?
  21. College exposes students to different people from different walks of life.
  22. College gives you an additional four years to develop as a person and discover your true professional and personal goals in life.
  23. Most college campuses offer concerts, movies, sports-related clubs, and other forms of entertainment just for fun!
  24. Students can join a new club or organization to try something new.
  25. College will help you develop intellectually socially.

An online degree provides a world of opportunities for students of any demographic. How will college help you?

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