Extracurricular Activities

There is more to getting into college than simply earning good grades. Your GPA, SAT, and ACT scores will impress a college admissions board, but most universities are looking for a well-rounded student that will be an asset to their student body. A good way to showcase your range of abilities is to get involved with activities outside of the classroom.

If you’re involved in several clubs outside of your studies, it shows a college admissions board that you are proficient at managing your time. Similarly, if you are a part of a club or athletics organization for the entire length of your high school career, this shows a college that you can commit to something and see it through. Volunteering or part-time employment also are considered extracurricular activities and can showcase your responsibility. Having extracurricular activities on your college application will also let your prospective college know what your interests are outside of the classroom.

Extracurricular activities like athletics, debate team, and band require a commitment. You need to practice these skills and devote time to practice, games/matches, and fundraisers. Clubs like Honor Society, drama club, and 4-H also require a serious time commitment and are valuable assets in the eyes of a college admissions board.

A part-time job is also considered extracurricular, and it shows an admissions board that you have clear priorities. Part-time work takes a great deal of time management and responsibility, and looks great on a college application. If you do maintain a part-time job, be sure to get a letter of recommendation from your employer to include in your application.

Volunteer activities outside of school are also of particular interest to colleges. High school students that find time to volunteer amidst a busy schedule show discipline. Also, volunteering shows a great deal of integrity and maturity. If you haven’t already, seek out volunteer opportunities in your community to broaden your perspective on the world and to beef up your college application.

Finding time for extracurricular activities may be tricky, but with so many options to choose from it’s easy to reap the benefits of joining a club or sports team outside of the classroom. As you are in preparation to pursue your online degree, make sure that you have positioned yourself for success through extracurricular activities.

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