Benefits of Summer Jobs

Your summer job doesn’t have to be just a summer job. Most college students work during the summer to save up cash for when school is in session. Look for a summer job that not only pays well, but will also provide valuable training for future careers. Consider jobs that not only give you great experience, but also provide value to the specific field you plan on entering. Check out these great summer jobs:

Bank Teller

As a bank teller, you will gain experience managing money and handling finances. In this summer job, you have great earning potential and can work a normal, 8-5 schedule. What’s more is that you will also get a first-hand look into money management and the types of sophisticated people accounts they use; perfect experience for business, law, and accounting degree students.

Good for: Business, finance, and accounting degree students


Being around children is great for students who are working to earn an education or psychology degree. Teaching children in a variety of subjects can also give you experience dealing with children with different needs, making it a great way to gain experience to position yourself for good jobs post-graduation.

Good for: Psychology and Education and Teaching degree students

Restaurant Server

Restaurant serving is another good cash course in customer service. Also, meeting a variety of people’s needs under time constraints will teach you to thrive under pressure. The skills you will learn as a server will lend themselves to a fast paced marketing or business degree, and can also give you the customer interaction experience perfect for a hospitality or hotel management degree-seeking student.

Good for: Business and Hospitality Management degree students


As a lifeguard, you will also learn sophisticated life-saving practices like CPR. Being a lifeguard will train you for a high-pressure career in the medical profession.

Good for: Health Sciences degree students

If you’re looking for a summer job that will give you valuable experience in your career of choice check with your advisor or your campus career center. Use the resources available to you to find a lucrative and helpful summer job.

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