Slashing Tuition with your School

The initial shock of college tuition costs can dishearten any student. Yet, there are ways all students can afford higher education, simply by working directly with their college of choice. Most colleges offer a variety of programs that can assist a college student's financial obligation. Here are four ways you can slash college tuition costs:

  1. Most colleges offer scholarships for students attending their school. This money is usually granted based on academic achievement and need. It’s important that each student fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form prior to attending college to calculate their eligibility for certain federal funding. This funding is based on parent’s income and how much they can contribute to the student’s education, their financial need, and the estimated cost of their college education.
  2. Colleges and universities may also have scholarship forms for specific degree programs.
  3. Federal work-study programs are also a great way for those with financial concerns to earn discretionary income while attending school. In a work-study program students are employed through the school through a federal grant, and paid minimum wage (or higher) to complete jobs in administration, tutoring, and other sectors of the college. This is also beneficial for students who want to gain experience working in a specific field and acts as a great resume builder.
  4. Finding a part-time job directly through a college or university is a great way to augment your income while in college. Jobs at the university are flexible and work well around academic schedules, so students don’t have to miss class or study time because they are working. These positions are highly competitive because they are convenient, so speak with your guidance counselor and professors to find jobs on your campus that may not be advertised yet.

Affording college can become a reality when you work directly with your college or university to slash tuition prices and earn a small living while earning your college degree. Contact the financial department of the colleges you’re interested in attending to learn more about these specific programs.

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