Easy Ways to Save Money in College

It’s no secret that college is expensive. Beyond tuition, extras like food, entertainment and books can cost students a lot of additional money. Thankfully, with a little savvy, students can find many ways to save money during their college careers.

Coffee Shops

Late night study sessions and early morning exams can result in the need for caffeine. Students spend a fortune on lattes, cappuccinos, and other expensive coffee drinks unnecessarily. Instead of coughing up an average of $3.00 for every cup of joe, purchase an inexpensive coffee maker and brew at home, or use your meal plan to purchase coffee at the dining hall.

Generic Groceries

Cut back on late night binge eating and takeout pizza by visiting your local grocery store. Buy generic groceries and stock up on snacks and drinks to have on hand when a hunger strike attacks. Make sure the items you purchase don’t need more than a microwave to prepare in case your dorm does not have the amenities to cook a full meal.


Save money on gas by taking the bus to your classes. Most campuses provide free public transportation for students, so take advantage of this while you’re in college. By taking public transportation you’ll save money on gas, and also be doing something good for the environment.


Skip the expensive movie theater and see movies showing at your student union. There are many fun (and free) activities going on at every campus, so look around for flyers or an activities board to find an inexpensive way to enjoy your nights and weekends. Don’t have an activities board? Start one in your dorm or somewhere on campus and bring information about activities to friends and peers.

Don’t waste money on expensive food and entertainment. Staying in, or finding creative ways to enjoy your free time can be rewarding and fun. College is expensive, but the little extras don’t have to break the bank.

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