Earning Money as an International Student

As an international student, federal restrictions may make it difficult for you to find gainful employment while you are studying abroad. However, part-time employment can help you pay for college or at least provide you with extra spending cash during your stay in America. If you’re looking for employment as an international college student, there are several avenues worth investigating.

Look around your campus for employment opportunities. While a limited student visa may not allow you to work, there may be work-study programs that will allow you to work towards your tuition through employment on your college campus. Similarly, being a tutor independently may also provide you with some extra funds while you are in college.

Selling items on popular websites like Etsy.com can earn you extra cash. If you excel in jewelry making or another type of craft, sell these items online and to fellow students. Fun and easy, selling items online is a unique and legitimate way to earn money as an international student.

There are other ways to earn money online, like writing for websites such as eZine and Associated Content. If you excel at writing English, sign up for these websites and learn more about writing articles online to earn some extra money.

Whatever way you choose to earn money online, it’s important to make sure you’re doing it within the confines of immigration law. Check with your embassy to be sure your student visa permits part-time employment so you can supplement your living while studying abroad.

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