Creative Ways to Make Cash

College tuition seems overwhelming a first glance. Beyond tuition and books, extra expenses like food, entertainment, and gas add to your debt as a student. But, there are ways to make extra cash while in school. Consider these quirky ways to earn some extra dough:


Sure, it’s not glamorous, but babysitting is a great way to earn some extra money while you earn your degree. Most times parents will hire babysitters during the night when their children are asleep, so this can provide you with a great opportunity to study.

Dog Walking

Dog walking is a great way for students to make money and doesn't take a lot of time. While you’re walking dogs and earning extra money, you’re also taking a much-needed mental break from your studies while enjoying a bit of outdoor exercise.

Plasma Donation

Plasma is in high demand, and because of this donating your plasma can bring in a pretty penny for you while you’re a student. In order to donate, you must pass a medical screening, and those afraid of needles need not apply. However, students who donate plasma can earn a couple hundred dollars a month. Visit your local plasma donation center for more information.


Catering is a great gig for college students because it doesn’t require a full-time commitment. When your school or other organization has an event that requires bartending or serving help you can earn a substantial amount of cash in one afternoon or evening. Speak with the director of food service on your campus to learn about catering job opportunities.


Opportunities in Internet Marketing have gone wild in recent years. Consider creating a personal blog where you can use Google Ads to make a little extra dough. Write about your college experiences or pick a topic that you have passion for...

There are plenty of creative ways to earn money while you get your degree. If you feel like you can't balance both work and school, talk to an admissions representative to connect you with a financial aid services person, who can help uncover additional ways to make college more affordable.

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