College Scholarships: The 411

College can be expensive but luckily the cost can be reduced through college scholarships. Scholarships are out there, but it is up to you to find and secure them. Scholarships can be granted based on geographic location, economic status, association membership, athletic skill, age, high school GPA, and military service (among others). Here is a list of the best places to search for college scholarships:

  1. Throughout Your Community: Your local churches, chambers of commerce, and non-profit groups often provide scholarships to prospective college students. Qualifications for community-based scholarships range from academic achievement to income level. Some of these schoalrshiops are also given as a result of an essay competition. Your high school counselor or prospective school's financial aid representative should have information about the scholarship programs in your community, so ask as soon as you can to be sure you are finding out about all the available money you can receive.
  2. Large Corporations: Large corporations also give scholarships to students who have expressed interest in a specific field. If you’ve expressed interest in nursing, education, or other fields, start researching opportunities in your area of interest. Similarly, specific universities and colleges give scholarships to accepted students, so it is helpful to decide on a college as soon as possible.
  3. Government Resources: Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible to determine your eligibility for financial aid. Your family’s income and your specific financial needs will be calculated with the information on this form, and you may be awarded extra grants based on your financial need.
  4. Colleges and Universities: Most colleges and universities have allocated scholarship funds for prospective and current students. Scholarship requirements vary from school to school, but check with the schools that are on your "Top 10" list to see what's avaiable.

Here are some helpful sources for finding your perfect scholarship: 

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