Perfecting Interview Skills

Because you’ve perfected your cover letter, your first impression was effective enough to land you an interview! Before you meet with the hiring manager, take the time to perfect your interview skills and make the best possible impression to land that job.

Research: Researching the company is one of the best things you can do to prepare for an interview. Visit the company’s website and learn everything you can about what they do and how long they’ve been in business. That way, when questions about your work style and history are asked, you can answer with specific snippets of how your work history directly relates to the company’s needs.

Be Natural: Remember to keep the interview as natural as possible – almost like a thoughtful conversation. Don’t drop facts about the company simply to impress the hiring manager. Rather, ask questions about the company’s history, and speak about how you’ll be an asset to the company with specific examples of your work history and extracurricular activities.

Practice Makes Perfect: Practice your interview skills with a friend or family member. Have them ask you tough interview questions and rehearse how you will answer them. This will allow you to prepare the best answers, and will also help calm your nerves. If you’ve had large gaps between employment, or were let go from a job, prepare explanations for why this occurred.

Don't Show Your Nerves: Redirect your nervous habits during the interview. Never fidget or bite your nails. Instead, sit calmly and upright, with your hands on your lap. Look the interviewer in the eye and never interrupt them. You want to appear confident and relaxed, but never arrogant or lazy. Find a balance between these in order to put your best foot forward and make the hiring manager feel comfortable.

Dress to Impress: Dress in business formal wear for every interview. For men, this means a suit and tie. For ladies, business formal wear means wearing pants or dress suit that is professional and not revealing. Make sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle-free. Men should be clean-shaven. Don’t dress in anything that will distract the hiring manager from your skill set. After all, an interview is about your work abilities, not your outfit.

Practice your interview questions, research the company, and dress to impress to have a relaxed, effective interview sure to land you a great job. 

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