Having No Work Experience

Entering the job market without any work experience can by scary. Even if you’ve had a job throughout college online, it may be unrelated to the field you are entering, which can be a tough sell for many hiring managers. If you don’t have any work experience, you aren’t doomed in the job market. You simply need to know how to sell your skills on your resume and in an interview.

Unrelated work experience can still be an asset. Most retail and hospitality jobs (working in a store, waiting tables) require workers to handle and be comfortable around money. Put this in your resume as it showcases your responsibility, maturity, and ability to think quickly. If the only work experience you’ve gained throughout college was being a babysitter or nanny, than you are obviously trustworthy and dependable. Ask for a letter of recommendation from the family you worked with that displays your reliability and maturity. Use your unrelated work experience to your advantage to showcase your abilities, rather than your lack of experience.

If you don’t have any work experience, you can still beef up your resume with extracurricular activities. For example, volunteering shows dedication and humility, both of which tell a hiring manager that you are a team player. If you were part of a club or organization on campus, this can also show that you understand time commitments and are willing to devote time to the cause. Along these lines you can ask for recommendations from your volunteer coordinator or club leader that express your commitment and loyalty.

If you don’t have any work experience, you should consider an internship before you graduate college, or immediately after graduation. An internship will get your feet wet in the working world, and will allow you to gain valuable experience in your field before you hit the job market. Paid and unpaid internships are equal in value so you should ask your career counselor about internships available to you.

Having no work experience can also be an asset in many jobs. Many new companies are looking for individuals who haven’t yet formed work habits, so that they may be molded at the company. Whatever your work experience, outline the positives and steer away from the negatives to create a solid resume.

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