Guide to Online Job Listings

Gone are the days of traditional classified advertisements in newspapers. More and more job seekers are looking to the Internet to find gainful employment. Websites like and are designed for job seekers and companies to connect and fill positions. Like anything online, it’s important to be smart when applying to jobs listings online.

Make sure the website you are using to find employment is legitimate. Many websites, like CraigsList can connect you to employers for free, but websites like these are more susceptible to spammers and scammers. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself:

  • Only list your email address
  • Do not list any personal contact information
  • If the company website is not listed in the posting, email the company and ask for the website before sending your resume
  • Don’t meet with a representative from the company until you’ve exchanged emails about the position, or have spoken with somebody on the phone.
  • Adjust your spam settings in your email account so that you may receive responses from companies you’ve applied with.

Another option is to post your resume online. If you’re going to do this, be sure you’re doing so on a legitimate website like CareerBuilder. Posting your resume to a non-legitimate website that does not publically display their privacy policy can result in an enormous amount of spam and solicitation in your inbox. Look for these points in the privacy policy of a job finding website:

  • Will they share your information?
  • How will employers find your resume?
  • How long will your resume be posted on the website?

You want to find a website that will only post your resume for six months to one year, and one that doesn't share your personal information with everyone. Typically, the most reliable career websites will ask job seekers and hiring companies to create a membership account to connect with each other in a secure way. Without a membership account, your personal information can be searchable online which can create a host of privacy issues for you.

When it comes to finding a job online, simply use commonsense. Share your personal and contact information conservatively and utilize the Internet to connect you to a great career. 

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