Is Online College for You

These days, it is tough to succeed without a college education. Online college provides a convenient way for many students to earn your degree. Yet, online college is not the right fit for everyone. Weigh the pros and cons of attending traditional college versus online college and make the decision that’s right for your study habits, schedule, and budget.

What is your schedule like?

Many people don’t have time to attend regularly scheduled classes. Whether you are tied down from work obligations or family life, attending a traditional college is simply not a possibility for everyone. If you have children or work full-time, online college may be a great way to boost your “hireability” without the inconvenience of attending physical classes.

Remember, you still have to set time aside for your online classes. Online classes may be flexible, but it is still your responsibility as an online degree student to attend classes virtually, as well as complete assignments and exams.

Are you self-motivated?

Online college demands each student be responsible for their own coursework. If you attend college online it is your job to complete assignments and pass exams. Self motivation is key as an online degree student, as you are responsible for logging in to complete coursework or examinations on your own schedule. To avoid common hinderances to your studies, set a schedule for yourself and don’t put off work for social activities. Being self-disciplined is the only way to succeed as an online student.

How are your writing skills?

A key requirement to being a successful online student is having great communication skills and writing ability. After all, the majority of your communication will be via emails, discussion boards, and papers, so it is important that your written word be clear, direct, and understandable. If you lack in the writing department, you can still attend online college, but just seek additional tutoring help or academic assistance to improve your communication ability.

How are your computer skills?

Owning a computer is the first step to deciding whether or not online college is the choice for you. Your classes will be held fully online, so not having computer accesibility makes online college a huge challenge.

Beyond this, you should also consider your level of computer competency. Are you skilled on the computer? If you struggle with basic computing functions, you may be behind the curve when obtaining your online degree. If you are not proficient using the Internet, email, instant messenger and other basic programs, consider taking an computer introductory course before signing up for online college.

Before signing up for online college, consider your natural tendencies as a student. Speak with a representative from the online school you’re considering attending and ask about additional resources they may offer to help you successfully earn your degree online.

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