Community College Truths

Community colleges are an affordable alternative to public and private four-year colleges. If you’re sure you want to attend college, but aren’t sure you can afford a four-year school right out of high school, consider these community college truths.

  • Community colleges are affordable and cost roughly $2,300 per year, as opposed to an average of $6,100 of a public college and $14,000 for a private school.
  • Community colleges typically offer two-year degrees and focus on teaching students a trade so they can get a job directly out of college. Still, some community colleges do offer four-year degrees.
  • There are more than 1,000 community colleges in the U.S. That means that there are plenty of community colleges for you to choose from, and there is likely one close to your area, making for a fast commute.
  • Twenty one percent of community college attendees work full-time and go to school full-time. Community college is a great choice for the non-traditional student that works or have children.
  • Community colleges are known for their open admissions policies, which means that even if your GPA is lower than average or you didn’t test well during your SAT and ACT, you can still attend community college. Many students attend community college during their first year of college, improve their grades, and have the opportunity to transfer to a four-year college.
  • Firefighters, EMTs, nurses, and police officers often get their degree(s) from community college. Almost 80 percent of the people that protect and heal our nation in service roles have gone to community college.

Community college is a great choice for a variety of students. From the non-traditional student, to the student that wants to save lives, community college offers a wide range of degrees to prepare you for a successful career you’ll love.

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