Being a Home-Schooled Student

When you are home schooled, you do not have as many resources at your disposal as you would if you attended a public or private high school. Without the advantages of a guidance counselor, and publically posted bulletin boards with information about every college fair and SAT prep course, you are left to your own devices to research information and find the best resources for you as you begin to look for colleges.

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is a non-profit, members-only organization for families who home school their children. Through the HSLDA home-schooled students can learn about the college admissions process, college prep tests, financial aid, and tips for finding a college. The Home School Legal Defense Association can also help students learn how they should be preparing for college enrollment.

The College Board is also a non-profit organization and works to provide students information that will help college students. On the College Board website, home schooled students can learn about the requirements for enrolling in college, get advice on preparing for college, and learn about requirements specific to the home-school student.

Learn about home school friendly colleges in your state and around the country as you prepare to enroll in college. Home-schooled students are equally in demand as their publically educated peers, so find colleges that will help you succeed by using this great resource.

Being a home schooled student gives you a unique circumstance that should be considered while you are applying to college. Use these resources to put your best foot forward as you being your college search.

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