Waiving the Application Fee

Many colleges require students to submit an application fee to ensure they are serious about their application. The fee is nonrefundable and typically costs anywhere between $15 and $60. If you or your family is struggling financially, there are programs out there that allow you to waive application fees. Here are some of the options:

College Application Waive: The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) has a program where application fees are waived if a student meets income-based eligibility requirements. When using this program, the NACAC recommends students reserve the fee waiver for their top four colleges.

Waiving Colleges On A Case-by-Case Basis: Many colleges offer their own fee waiver program, so check with an admissions representative to see what they offer. These waivers are often given to transfer students or other non-traditional students. Students should fill out a Waiver of College Application Fee form, along with their application, or provide a letter explaining the financial situation of the student.

Standardized Testing Waive: There is an SAT fee waiver program that allows students to avoid the cost of SATs, which can cost up  to $45. Student eligibility is determined through a high school guidance counselor. Students who take advantage of the SAT fee waiver can also request their application fee to be waived. Students should remember that typically the Waiver of College Application Fee forms can only be applied to four colleges.

Application fees should not deter a student from applying to college. Keep in mind that this waive fee is an investment in your future. Take advantage of these specific programs to make applying to college more affordable for you.

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