The College Waitlist

It’s not quite a rejection letter, but it’s not an acceptance letter either. Receiving a letter from a college explaining that you are on the waitlist may seem anticlimactic or disappointing. When you receive a waitlist letter, it simply means that you meet the requirements to attend the school, but they have already accepted the maximum number of students for that term. Even after acceptance, many students may not wish to attend a specific college. If someone chooses not to attend, admissions boards will look to the waitlist to fill up empty spots.

Being on the waitlist is a tough spot because you can’t reasonably plan on attending that college, although there is a good chance of getting accepted.

Here’s what you can do to get off the college waitlist.

  • Respond to the waitlist letter will confirm that you are interested in remaining on the waitlist until a spot opens up. The sooner you respond, the more likely you will be accepted.
  • Call the admissions office to inquire about their decision. Gaining details about why you weren’t fully accepted may shed light on the situation. If your GPA was not high enough, send updated transcripts showing how you have improved your grades. Recent accomplishments can go a long way in getting off the waitlist.
  • Write a letter to the admissions board explaining how serious you are about attending that college. Convey in writing that the college was your first choice, and give specific reasons for wanting to attend. In the letter, include updated documents revealing an improved GPA, SAT score, or enrollment in extracurricular activities.

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