The College Interview

The college interview is not standard practice, and in many cases is optional. Yet, interviewing with a college admissions representative(s) can provide you with a unique opportunity to showcase your personality. A college interview may intimidate people, especially if they do not perform well under pressure. However, making a good first impression is easy if you remain calm, collected, and prepared.

Here are some tips for college admissions interview success:

  1. Before your college interview is scheduled, review as much about the school as possible. Visit the college website and extract any information you can. During your college interview, avoid the urge to fact drop for the sake of impressing the interviewer(s). Instead, see what you can learn about the college and use the information to your advantage during the interview.
  2. Go over your college application once or twice before your interview. That way, if you are asked a specific question about how you answered something on the application, you’ll have an answer ready to go. Reflect on your high school years and think about what mattered to you most, and how that has affected your choice in college. During your interview, the college admissions board will pull specific answers from your application and ask you to elaborate on them, so it’s a good idea to be prepared.
  3. Don’t just give "yes and no" answers. Many questions will be open answered, and admissions boards want you to elaborate on your answers. Go into detail about your studies and extracurricular activities, and even add anecdotes from your personal life. Stay away from petty personal problems, as these can make you sound immature and unprepared for college.
  4. Asking questions during your college interview will show that you are listening and engaged during the process. Ask about the faculty or specific areas of studies that you are interested in. While you should be knowledgeable in general information about the school, delve into areas of interest deeper during the interview.
  5. Being yourself is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a successful interview. Coming to the interview prepared and confident is one of the best things you can do to cap off the success of your college admissions interview.

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