Having a Stand-out College Application

With more and more students applying each year to college, competition can be fierce and unyielding. Gone are the days when your GPA and SAT score were enough to get you into a great school. Here are a few tips to have your college application stand out. Whether you are seeking an IT degree or a Nursing degree, these tips are universal to your success. 


Academics are still vital to a solid college application, so you shouldn’t be avoiding your schoolwork. You should be working to earn good grades throughout your entire high school career. Here are some tips to make sure the academic section of your application is a knock out:

  • If you don’t perform well in a class, ask for extra credit.
  • Hire a tutor if you are struggling in a class.
  • Challenge yourself by taking a language for all four years of high school.
  • Take as many focused electives as your schedule will allow.


The essay portion of your application is the one chance to showcase your writing abilities and share your voice to college admissions boards. Without a solid essay, you’ll fail to showcase your talents as a communicator. Make your college essay solid with these three tips:

  • Decide on the subject of your essay carefully. If you don’t think of a worthy life-changing event, don’t choose a topic that asks you to write about a turning point in your life. If you’re only applying to college because your parents are making you, steer clear of the essay that asks why that college is your first choice. Write what you know, and make it personal and heartfelt.
  • Write an outline before you write your essay. This step may seem unneeded, but it will help you write a clear and organized essay.
  • Proofread your essay several times and ask a friend or teacher to review it as well. Making sure your essay is focused and free of typos will allow your application to stand out.

Extracurricular Activities

Through a well-rounded list of extracurricular activities you’ll show a college admissions board that you have a variety of interests and dedication to managing a busy schedule. Show an admissions board that you have a variety of interests and the drive to pursue them through your participation in clubs, volunteering, degree-relevant work, and even past sports or activities.

Recommendation Letters

Recommendation letters round out your application by showing a college admissions board you are mature and likeable. Ask a few different teachers, former employers, or coaches to write your recommendation letter. That way, you’ll be able to choose the ones that display you in the best light. If you need to submit more than one letter, choose one from a teacher, one from a coach, and one from another source like an employer. Again, the point is to showcase that you’re a well-rounded student and individual with many interests.

Having a stand-out college application will impress any college board. Good luck!

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