Early Action

Early Decision grants students the ability to apply to college several months before applications are accepted. The caveat is that students must choose to attend that college if they are accepted through Early Decision. This is beneficial to colleges that want to guarantee a certain enrollment before the subsequent semester. It also benefits the student who wants to increase his or her chances of being accepted to the school of their choice.

Early admission policies not only benefit students who want an admission decision quickly, but they also benefit colleges that want to augment  their enrollment for the following term. High school students can increase their chances of being accepted to the college of their choice by using the Early Decision, or Early Action initiatives; therefore, it is a great option for students who know excactly what school they want to attend.

Early Action works essentially the same as Early Decision, but students are not required to accept the admission if they do not wish. Rather, students are given the option of attending school early if they are accepted early. Students are able to accept this offer or decline. Students who take advantage of Early Action may only do so for one school, and may not use Early Decision for any other schools.

Prospective college students should remember that Early Decision is a binding agreement, and can only be used with one school. If a student is certain of their choice in college and wants to commit to that school, Early Decision can increase his or her chances of being accepted into that school. It also allows the student to find out if they have been accepted earlier, so they can make plans accordingly.

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