Weird Scholarships Online

Weird scholarships are typically quite specific, and include strange requirements for undergraduate students. There are awards and grants for students based on talent, height, and even last name. In fact, the John Gatling Grant Program offers $9,000 for in-state students who plan on attending North Carolina State University and have the last name "Gatlin," or, "Gatling."

Some of the more unusual or even strange scholarships are funded by particular groups that are promoting a particular study or degree. Some of these weird scholarships are very small in value, however they often go without being applied for, making them a good option for picking up several smaller scholarships rather than one big one that everyone will be competing for. A tasty award is offered by the American Association of Candy Technologies and is for up to $5,000, paid in two equal amounts of $2,500 for a student that has demonstrated an interest in the technology of manufacturing candies. Students must be in the food science or a related science field and must be completing their education within North America.

The Federation of Fly Fishers awards several scholarships for those with extreme fly fishing talent, or those interested in studying the business side of fly fishing. A complete list of the FFF extensive scholarships can be found on their website. The Vegetarian Resource Group offers two $5,000 scholarships for high school students who practice and promote vegetarianism within their community.

Finding odd, unusual or weird scholarships can be entertaining, but it can also be well worth the effort. Spend some time browsing and don't forget to check companies and organizations in your area that may offer scholarships that aren't that well known, or that you may have the unique credentials to qualify.


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