Undergraduate Scholarship

The greatest number of scholarships offered in the United States is for undergraduate students. Some of these awards are provided to high school seniors to prepare for undergraduate studies, while other are granted only after the student has been accepted into an accredited undergraduate program. Keep in mind that scholarships will require the student be currently enrolled in an accredited university, college or school and in most cases must be attending full-time.

The first place to look for undergraduate scholarships is at the federal and state level. Most undergraduate scholarships, like higher level scholarships, are divided into specialize categories based on the degree or on special considerations such as awards reserved for disabled students, minority students, women, African American students or even for international students wanting to study in the United States. One such program is the NIH or National Institute of Health Scholarship Program. These scholarships are for disadvantaged students that are seeking degrees in any of the biomedical, science or social sciences fields. The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation also provides scholarships for students that would not be able to purse education due to financial restrictions. They also offer a unique scholarship of up to $30,000 for students that are transferring from community college to four-year university degree programs.

Undergraduates pursuing science degrees can find a list of scholarship options located at ScienceNet. These scholarships may be based on minority background or heritage but almost all have requirements with regards to merit and grade point average, as well as demonstrated financial need. For those students that would like to be able to study in another country and learn a language, the National Security Education Program Boren Scholarships provides funding for students to travel to selected countries to develop their understanding of the people, language and culture native to that area. 

Most universities, colleges, career, and vocational schools will offer their own undergraduate scholarship programs. One such school is the University of Washington Undergraduate Scholarship Office, that lists each scholarship available as well as the amounts, application deadlines and specific requirements.


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