Teaching Scholarship

Teaching is a field where there always seems to be a shortage of degreed professionals to fill the increasing need. Since rural areas and smaller urban centers often have more challenges in attracting and retaining teachers, some of these locations offer substantial scholarships with the agreement that the graduating teacher will work for a specific period of time for the school district awarding the scholarship. This can work very well for both the teacher as well the school district as it helps cut costs for both parties. Often this scholarship opportunity will even be extended to current students working towards graduating with a Bachelor level teaching degree. Master's level scholarships and even Doctoral level scholarships and fellowships are not uncommon within the educational field. The American Teachers Federation or ATF offers several scholarships for graduate and undergraduate teachers.

Like any type of educational scholarships some applicants may be eligible for several types of scholarships within any given field. Minority individuals that are also female will be able to apply for teaching, women and minority scholarships, so searching all categories of scholarships is well worth the effort. In addition, looking to local school districts and inquiring about scholarships available is a good idea. Keep in mind, not all scholarships in all areas are well advertised or even applied for every year so their may be substantial amounts of money available. All states offer scholarships for teachers to specialize in different areas of education including special education, reading, mathematics and sciences, administration, languages or even physical education.

The Siemens Foundation offers minority students pursing educational degrees through the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund in conjunction with the United Negro College Fund. Another option for prospective teachers is to look for specific state funded teaching scholarships. An example of this is the North Carolina State Board of Education which offers a range of scholarships. Wdith state sponsored scholarships the teacher must be completing his or her education within the state granting the scholarship. All teacher scholarships through the state or federal government, as well as the individual school boards or districts will require the university or college be accredited and recognized by the United States Department of Education.

Other teaching scholarships specialized to particular groups, professional organizations or sororities include the Zeta Phi Beta Society scholarship and the Sigma Alpha Iota Scholarship. These scholarships tend to be developed through donations from sorority members and may vary from year to year.


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