Study Abroad Scholarship

One of the most amazing opportunities for students in any degree program is the ability to study in another country. Some degrees are more suitable to study abroad, however, many colleges around the country offer a studying abroad program. Courses such as cultural studies, anthropology, music, religious studies, history, and languages are ideal for study abroad programs. Culinary schools, some vocational training and career schools, languages and even international business schools also offer the option of completing some or all programs internationally.

Cost of Studying Abroad

One of the major deterrents to studying abroad is the cost involved. However, there are several scholarship opportunities that students can use. Doing research and applying for as many study abroad scholarships is a great way to decrease out of pocket expenses. It is important to carefully review any restrictions on the awards so that students clearly understand what the scholarship funds can and cannot be used for. Some will allow the funds to be used for travel and accommodation while some funds are only permitted for use as tuition and direct educational fees.

Online College and Studying Abroad 

Technically, you can pursue an online degree from any location in the world with a strong internet connection and a trusty computer. So, with that said, if you don't have an obligation to your family or work at home, you could choose to pursue your education abroad! Consider utilizing a standard student loan for your college expenses, and finance the rest yourself. 

Another option as an online student is to volunteer abroad during your break times. As a volunteer, you could do anything from building houses, to growing a educational program with underpriviledged youth. If you are a healthcare or nursing degree seeking student, you could even consider volunteering for medical missions. Again, it is unlikey that you would be able to secure financial aid for these missions, but something to consider to expand your worldly view and work experience - both assets to any employer.

More Resources

Students attending a traditional college and are looking for private organizations and foundations offering study abroad scholarships can check out various listing services for these scholarships, check out Global Student Experience and IES Abroad.

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