Scholarships for Single Mothers

There is no doubt that being a single parent is a tough task, especially if you are trying to return to school or obtain a degree. There are several scholarships designated for single moms returning to school, many of which are offered through professional womens organizations, support groups, and organizations. Single moms need to meet the criteria detailed within the award and most will require a demonstration of financial need to obtain the scholarship. There are several types of scholarships and some allow the funds to be used for daycare and childcare expenses while others, like traditional scholarships, are restricted to use for tuition, books or other direct educational expenses and fees.

For most scholarships, applicants will have to provide proof of being a single parent, typically through tax returns or other documentation. In addition for most scholarships students must already be accepted to an accredited university, college, career school or vocational training program. If the applicant already belongs to a professional organization or women's group, there may be scholarships, grants or fellowships offered through those organizations.

Federal Scholarships: The federal government offers an independent single parent scholarship program, as do most states. State and federal scholarships are based on financial need, as well as acceptance to an accredited college, training program or university. The Arkansas Scholarship Program for Single Mothers is one such program. 

Private / Corporate Scholarships: There are major companies and organizations that also sponsor scholarships for single parents. One of the largest is the Ford Opportunity Program that offers up to 52 scholarships for single mothers attending colleges in the state of Oregon. Another school that offers a scholarships for single mothers is Kennesaw State University, which provides the Toby Hopper Endowed Scholarship for Single Moms.

If you had to put your dreams of college on pause due to raising a family, the Jeanette Rankin Women's Scholarship Fund offers a scholarship award for women that are 35+, pursuing a vocational, associate's, or a bachelor's degree. Other requirements include U.S. citizenship and a low-income eligibility.

Scholarships for Women: Boise State University has compiled a wonderful list of scholarships for women. They range in award amounts and requirements, but are wide-ranging and accessible to many college students. It is also important for single moms to realize they can apply for many minority scholarships and program-based scholarships as well.

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