Scholarship by Location

Every state in the United States will offer scholarships to various types of educational institutes located in and around the state. Some of these scholarships may be for newly graduated high school students moving on to their first year of post secondary education, while others will be for graduates coming back to complete a Masters or PhD. Other scholarships may be for private or public career schools or vocational training centers.

National associations and organizations across the United States provide scholarships for students within each state or a large majority of the states. One such organization is the American Legion, which offers the Legacy Scholarship for any children of active duty military that were killed in the line of duty after September 11, 2001. The American Legion also sponsors smaller, state specific scholarships that will vary based on the state and the donations to the organization.

Different states also offer different programs based on the needs of the communities within the area. For example, in Nebraska there is an organization called the Lincoln Community Foundation which offers a host of over 50 scholarships, some small and some up to $2,000 available to students living in the Lincoln and surrounding area. Another state that offers a comprehensive array of scholarships is Texas. In this state there is a government funded program called the Early High School Graduation Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to students that complete high school early through extra classes or by taking additional summer school programs. Texas also offers a specific educational voucher for students that are graduating and taking a post secondary degree that have been cared for through the foster care system.

Other grants may be possible through local professional organizations. In some areas where there is a considerable need for a particular profession (teaching, nursing, criminal justice or social work) a scholarship may be available based on the award winners agreement to work within a specific geographical area for a set period of time after graduation. There are also specific scholarships offered through the military that are both location specific as well as merit-based. A good place to start looking for scholarships by location is the US Department of Education website.


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