Presbyterian Scholarship

Students of the Presbyterian faith can apply for any type of scholarship including those offered by federal and state departments of education. They are also eligible to apply for Christian scholarships that do not specify the students has to be of a particular denomination. As with any type of scholarship, students should apply for as many scholarships as possible to help reduce the cost of their education as well as minimize the amount they will need to repay on student loans and other types of private funding.

There are many memorial scholarships through the Presbyterian faith. These scholarships have been established by wealthy families within the church working to provide Presbyterian youth the opportunity for a post secondary education, or to encourage students in a particular field of study. Many Presbyterian scholarships request the student demonstrate a financial need as well as have outstanding academic standing and involvement in the Presbyterian church. A few memorial scholarships include the Betty Pierce Scholarship the Donna A. Corbin Memorial Scholarship and the Jennie A. Irie Scholarship Fund.

Many scholarships are location specific, and allotted to students attending a specific school. One such scholarship is the Church Denomination Grant which is open to all Presbyterian church students completing undergraduate courses through Geneva College. Another more general scholarship is the National Presbyterian College Scholarship designed for Presbyterian students attending Agnes Scott College.

Some Presbyterian scholarships are reserved for dependants of Presbyterian ministers. These scholarships, known as the Dependent of Presbyterian Ministers Grants, require applicants show proof of one parent being an active Presbyterian minister through their prior year's income tax return. These scholarships can be combined with other Presbyterian or non-religious based scholarships but cannot exceed the maximum scholarship allowance for any program or school. Children of missionaries within the Presbyterian Church are also eligible for a scholarship, again with the requirement of proof of their parent's missionary work included in the application. This scholarship is managed through Collegiate Ministries.

Students that are applying for Presbyterian scholarships should start by talking to their church leader to find out what local scholarships may be available. In some cases, the church itself may have a scholarship available.


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