Muslim Scholarship

Students that are planning to pursue a degree in Islamic studies or Muslim students that are attending universities, colleges, and accredited vocational programs are eligible for several scholarships. These scholarships are typically restricted to students entering into religious studies that are either Muslim or emphases on Islamic religion study. Different scholarships will be available to each group, with the scholarships for practicing Muslim students typically offered by the Muslim groups both within the United States as well as in different Muslim countries around the world. One of the largest Muslim scholarship programs in the United States is the Fadel Educational Foundation, Inc. This organization provides financial support for American Muslim students and international Muslim students studying in the United States on educational visas from other Muslim countries. The scholarships are based on merit as well as financial need.

A smaller scholarship is the Al-Ameen Scholarship which is offered annually to one male and one female United States citizen in the Muslim faith. The student can be enrolled in any accredited four-year degree program and must demonstrate good grades as well as financial need.

Dollar-A-Day Scholarship Fund provides various scholarships within the United States for Muslim students entering into specific programs of study. Some of the scholarships are for graduate level studies while others are for undergraduate. Each scholarship has different criteria and requirements so carefully review of the application is highly recommended. Scholarship awards through Dollar-A-Day are typically around $1,000. Several scholarships are listed for students of Arabic decent that are Muslims and studying in the United States. One of the most comprehensive scholarships for Muslim students is the KFF scholarship. This scholarship is only for graduate level Muslim students with an exceptional GPA in medicine, engineering and science degrees.

Non-Muslim students entering into educational programs in Islamic studies can apply for scholarships, grants and loans through any religious study program as well as through the federal government. For information about scholarships available to study Islamic religion in various countries around the world please see Since each scholarship is different in \ scope and criteria there is a good possibility you can find the funding needed to be able to travel to a Muslim country to start or complete your degree program.

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