Minority Scholarship

If you are a minority students you have the opportunity to apply for one of the many minority scholarships available. These scholarships may be offered by private companies and organizations, or by professional groups, associations, and  trade unions. In some cases, the minority scholarships will be limited to one minority  group such as African American, Hispanic, Pacific Islands, or Native American or Native Alaskan. Other scholarships may be open to anyone considered in a minority within a particular educational field or professional association. In other cases, women may also be considered a minority group in areas such as engineering, science, mathematics and sometimes law. Applying for a minority scholarship is a great way to limit your student loans as well as find additional funds for all school related expenses.

Since many of the minority scholarships encourage students of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds to move into less traditional fields of study there are an interesting array of scholarships available. For example, the Bill Dickey Scholarship Association offers a one to four-year scholarship ranging from$1,000-4,000 for minority students that have outstanding academic standing and also have a strong golfing ability and interest in the game. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants provides up to $3,000 per year for students that are of a minority as well as working on their accounting degree at an undergraduate level. Most professional organizations, including the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund provides several scholarships to Hispanic and Latino students that are pursuing a career in law and community or civil service. Emphasis for the scholarship is placed on both grades as well as leadership attributes that have been displayed in the community or at the school level.

One program that offers scholarships to minority students is the National Association of Campus Activities. Check the association's website for more information about the specific programs they offer. The United Negro College Fund is one of the oldest and most respected minority scholarship organization. The organization has continued to be a source of financial support for African American students for decades.

Current students that have some work experience or affiliation with a professional organization should check with employers or professional association to see if the qualify for a scholarship.


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