Military Scholarships

For those individuals that have served or are serving in the United States Military there are a variety of scholarships that have been established to meet their specific needs. Some of the scholarships are for specific schools and programs while other are more general in nature and allow the students more freedom in selecting schools and programs. There are also several federal scholarships and military scholarships for veterans and active military personnel so it is very important to check with your service branch to find out what scholarships are available.

The Montgomery GI Bill provides educational funding to active duty military and veterans. There are specific funds for active duty military members that can be used for a wide variety of educational and vocational training. In addition, many of the select reserve groups for the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marine Corps and the National Guard are eligible for the educational benefits of the Montgomery GI Bill. Different branches of the service also offer their own educational scholarships and plans. The Armed Forces provides the ROTC Scholarship based on both merit and grades, without the need to provide a financial deficiency or need. ROTC often provides full tuition scholarships for military members.

Outside of these two major government funded scholarships for military men and women are organizations, foundations and private individuals that provide scholarships, often closely associated with a particular branch of the military. One such scholarship is the Harvey Pollak and Children Annual Scholarship, which is only available to those undergraduates that are active duty Navy Seals and provides $2,500 a year for recipients. Another scholarship for the Marine Corps and the Navy is the Admiral Mike Boorda Scholarships program that awards $500-$3,000.

For children of active duty military or veterans there are a series of scholarships available. One such scholarship is the American Legacy Scholarship which includes all military branches including the Coast Guard and is reserved for children whose parents served during the 9/11 tragedy. The Air Space Education Foundation Spouse Scholarship provides up to 30 spouses of active duty Air Force soldiers. This scholarship is for up to $1,000, with no specific restrictions on location of the school or type of program.

Current or past members of the military may also be able to find reduced tuition rates at many in-person and online campuses across the United States. It is a good idea to check with each school to see what type of special financial programs veterans or active duty military may qualify for.


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