Methodist Scholarship

Methodist scholarships, like most scholarships from religious organizations, will be available to people that are within that particular faith. Most applications for these types of scholarships will require the student or student's family has been an active member of a Methodist Church for a period of usually three to five years prior to the application. Since many church scholarships aren't applied for every year, it is possible to get a fairly significant amount for the scholarship. In addition, some scholarships vary in total depending on the individual financial needs of the student and how many people apply for the funds.

Unlike some scholarships, the United Methodist Church limits students to one Methodist scholarship per year. Students can obtain scholarships from non-church sources and may also apply for government loans, grants and funds separate to the scholarship. Some theology-based scholarships, especially substantial awards, will typically require that the student work within a particular geographic area, complete outreach or community work or even work in a missionary role for a period of time after graduation. Not all Methodist scholarships are for theology-based programs and many are for general secular degrees and types of education. One of the broadest scholarships offered by the United Methodist Church is the William Heath Education Scholarship which is specifically designed for undergraduates that are planning to work as missionaries, priests, social workers or ministers upon graduation. At least $1,000 granted every year to undergraduates through the Priscilla R. Morton Scholarships

The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry provides scholarship opportunities for students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Around 50 scholarships are given yearly through this program, but each requires the applicant be an active member of the Methodist church for at least one year before applying. Many of the scholarships are very specific and students are encouraged to consider which scholarships they are most qualified to receive when completing applications. A good source for a general listings of basic scholarships and overall criteria for various awards is As with any listing, it is important to check the facts with the specific organization offering the scholarship to ensure there are no changes or updates to the requirements that may not be reflected on the listing site. Keep in mind that scholarship applications for the Methodist Church do not ask for a processing fee, and any scholarship applications that require the student to pay an up front fee for evaluation are likely scholarship scams.


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