Lutheran Scholarship

There are many different scholarships available to students that are either seeking careers within the Lutheran Church as religious leaders and counselors or secular educational grants for practicing Lutheran students. Typically, most of the larger Lutheran Churches will have their own scholarships funds that are available to members of the individual congregation, not to all students within the Lutheran community or to students outside of the Lutheran faith. An important consideration for applying for Lutheran scholarships is to check with your church office to determine if there are any local scholarships appropriate to apply for. Like any organization offering scholarships, there may be requirement to work within the Lutheran faith or even in a particular area or ministry upon graduation if you are awarded a scholarship.

There are several Lutheran scholarships that are located within a particular geographic area or are for a particular school. The Lutheran Leaders Scholarship is awarded to five undergraduate student annually that are leaders in their community as well as members in good standing in the Lutheran faith. This scholarships is for up to $2,500 and is applied to study at the Bethany College in Kansas. Valparaiso University offers another similar scholarship called the Lutheran Leadership Scholarship which is awarded annually to two students pursuing undergraduate degrees that will qualify them to become professional leaders within the Lutheran Church. This scholarship is unique because it awards full tuition. There are also memorial grants awarded on a yearly basis. Most of the memorial scholarships will be local awards however there are some fairly substantial scholarships available if you are within the geographic area served by the grant or are planning to attend the particular college or university identified in the scholarship. Additionally, The Candler School of Theology awards a $2-5,000 grant for a Lutheran student pursuing a doctorate level degree in advanced theology.

Whenever applying for any type of scholarship it is important to understand the terms of the scholarship, acceptable use of the money awarded as well as any restrictions or agreements that you make when accepting the award. Most Lutheran scholarships, unless otherwise stipulated are for one school year, with some having the option for renewal after that period.


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