Hispanic Scholarship

Students that are Hispanic have many opportunities to apply for scholarships from high school through graduate school. Some Hispanic scholarships are offered by different business and organizations that have a goal to provide educational funding for minority students. Other Hispanic scholarships are offered through cultural centers, private companies or even Hispanic families and businesses. In many cases, Hispanic students will be able to apply for any minority type scholarship, even if it is not specifically for Latino students.

There are specific organizations such as the Hispanic Scholarship Fund that provides a wide range of scholarships for students at various levels. The scholarships offered include specific programs for graduating high school students as well as scholarships for community college transfer students. There are also scholarships intended for students to school full or part-time that plan to transfer into a full-time, four-year accredited university or college program. All students must be Hispanic as well as either a US citizen or legal resident to be awarded the scholarships.

Another scholarship granting organization for Hispanic students is the NAHP Foundation. This organization offers both graduate and undergraduate scholarships as well as many specialized scholarships for Hispanic and Latino students. A journalism scholarship awarded every year to a Latino or Hispanic student is the Joe Garcia Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is not just for those students interested in traditional journalism, but is also open to students pursuing careers in radio, broadcasting journalism or online journalism. Students that are residents of California are able to apply for this scholarship if they are attending a journalism program outside of California.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) is group that strives to provide educational scholarships for Hispanic students that show an aptitude and interest in leadership and education within the Hispanic community as well as the broader civil community. Scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000 per students depending on the type of grant, the program the student is completing as well as the degree level. The total amount of the scholarship is divided over the years of the degree so that students are provided with the same amount of money from the scholarship per year. This money can be used for any educational expense include books, school fees and tuition. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund Institute was first started in 2001, making it one of the more recent scholarship providers for Hispanic students. This organization has been established to promote the benefits of post secondary education for Hispanic students as well as to provide career planning assistance and help and outreach to the Hispanic and minority communities.


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